Days may be numbered for old American cars in Cuba

Authorities in Cuba have proposed laws that could mean an end for many of the classic American cars that are still in use in the country. Under current Cuban law, cars registered after the 1959 revolution cannot be bought or sold. As a result Cubans have used a mixture of ingenuity and backyard engineering to keep the fleet of pre-1959 American cars on the island running.

Although to the rest of the world the notion of old cars lining the streets of Cuba is a romantic one, Cubans have no other choice. Many would jump at the opportunity to drive a newer car if the option is made available to them. That is exactly what the proposed law would do, allowing Cubans to purchase any car they want.


The laws are expected to be passed by Cuban parliament by the end of the year. When they go into effect they will bring several improvements to the Cuban way of life, but also signal the end for many of Cuba's old cars. Many will likely be abandoned for newer and better vehicles while most of the more desirable models will likely be exported to collectors. While the introduction of newer vehicles will likely take time, it would seem the days of old American cars lining the streets of Cuba are probably numbered.

Photo Credits: hisgett, exfordy, carlosreusser, brettocop, cpieters


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