With over a dozen cars wearing the Cone Of Shame (a traffic cone bolted to the roof, indicating that the team is one black flag from being booted from the race), it's easy to forget that some teams race clean.

The Death Cab For Cutie V8olvo (which won the Buttonwillow Histrionics last year) sits on a pretty serious lead, with seven laps over the second-place team.


Three-time LeMons winner Eyesore Racing's Starship Enterprise is just waiting for the V8olvo to make the slightest mistake, at which point it will swoop in to grab the lead.

Unless, of course, the Rogue Squadrom SE-R— also seven laps back of the V8olvo— jumps ahead of everyone.


But wait! Just a lap behind Eyesore and Rogue Squadron, we've got the California Mille Alfa Romeo Alfetta; this car has contended in many LeMons races and might just produce our first-ever Italian overall winner.


With 10 laps to make up over its four competitors Sunday, you might think that the murderous '58 Plymouth E30 has no real chance of taking the overall win... but a black flag here and a thrown rod there, and Prickstine could take the lead!

Thanks to Head-On Photos for the great action shots.

Disclosure: Murilee Martin gets paid crazy baksheesh for his work on the LeMons Supreme Court.