The White Lightning Mazda RX-7 has pretty much led all day, and the Lightning McQueen Jetta has been filling its rear-view mirror the whole time... but a G-Body Chevy Monte Carlo in third?

That's right, the Molde Carlo, which spent most of the last race in a billion pieces in the pits (various brake, transmission, and engine ailments), has been quietly racking up laps and avoiding penalties, and it now sits just 8 laps behind the leader. If that's not surprise enough for you, check out the Black Sheep Racing Nissan 300ZX, which has stayed alive long after almost all the other Zs have blown up and/or crashed and will start the day tomorrow in fifth place. Remember, out of the dozens of Zs that have raced in LeMons, the most successful placed 8th overall (and, yes, this is one of the two Nissan Zs that have placed 8th).

2nd place: Lightning McQueen, Volkswagen Jetta


3rd place: Molde Carlo, Chevrolet Monte Carlo

4th place: Flying Purple People Eater, Mazda RX-7


5th place: Black Sheep Racing, Nissan 300ZX