Day-old Mercedes SLS AMG crashes into bus

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It's only Tuesday and already this week's harvest of crashed supercars looks to be a bumper crop with this addition: a Mercedes SLS AMG in Bosnia thrashed into a bus just a day after rolling off the dealer's lot.

Local reports say the 36-year-old driver of the SLS AMG hit both a tour bus and a Volkswagen Passat before skidding to a halt. No one was injured yet, pending word on whether the owner's insurance agent actually signed off on coverage.


Thanks Muamera and Srđan! [Photo: Darku Zabuš/Fotoservis]

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BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

If these cars are going to have means testing, (a high price so that only people of means can have access to them)

Then they better start getting some qualifications testing, too.

This is getting re-damn-diculous. Every day is another one or more stories about an ass-hat stupidly destroying something that they obviously don't know how to handle.

Just because they can afford this stuff... they think they know how to use it.

Some folks have got to be making a killing on re-building these high-dollar machines, if it is even possible.

If it isn't wrecking them, it is abandoning them, like that forsaken NSX.