The Race of Champions itself concluded today with its head-to-head competition between all the drivers. David Coulthard beat nearly every other driver he was paired against and celebrated in the most wonderful way possible: with doughnuts.

Final round competitor Pascal Wehrlein joined in on the fun as well. Wehrlein had been chosen as part of Team Young Stars, a pairing comprised of two up-and-comers in motorsport. The Race of Championships may be a gimmicky exhibition race, but seeing Wehrlein make it into the finals certainly gives you faith in some of the younger competition out there.


Is there anything happier in the world than tandem doughnuts? Tandem Ariel Atom Cup doughnuts, at that? Probably not.

David Coulthard's only defeat all weekend was to Tom Kristensen yesterday in the Nations Cup. Aside from that, no one could touch the Scot.

When a Formula One championship proves elusive, you can always pwn the Race of Champions. Congratulations, DC!

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