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Dashboard Devices Hopes To Corner In-Car Computer Market

Illustration for article titled Dashboard Devices Hopes To Corner In-Car Computer Market

With the ability to integrate movies, music, navigation, phone and Internet into one in-dash device, Dashboard Devices thinks it has developed the ultimate in in-car tech.


We were actually skeptical until we saw the shot of the double-DIN ENV-100 above and realized how nice it would be to have the full array of in-car entertainment, navigation and Internet access incorporated into one touch-screen device capable of fitting into existing dashboards.

Think of the possibilities, without clutter from wires or tacky add-on devices you could control your MP3 player via WiFi or Bluetooth, same for your phone and access the Internet.


Dashboard Devices plan to unveil its range of in-car computers at CES next month. It plans units capable of working with any size DIN slot and even a console that fits into sun visors. [Dashboard Devices via Edmunds]

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Ash78, voting early and often

Wow...looks like ICE are approaching a singularity with avionics. I wonder if it has stormscope and 3D RVMS data.