Illustration for article titled Dario Franchitti Loses NASCAR Ride, Contemplates Return To Real Racing

After an unlucky start to the 2008 season, Chip Ganassi Racing is pulling out of NASCAR, meaning Dario Franchitti is out of a job. The Scottish racer — AKA Ashley Judd's husband — was having a miserable season, failing to qualify in Texas and fracturing his leg in a crash two weeks later. His team was equally troubled, unable to find a continuous sponsorship deal for the season. So what's next for Franchitti?


We're hoping this means the former IndyCar champion and Indy 500 winner will now consider a return to the kind of racing watched by people with all 32 teeth. However, reports say that Chip Ganassi Racing is still hoping to find some sort of stock car series in which it and Franchitti can find success. Hey, we hear Top Gear USA is looking for a Stig. [via Autosport]

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