Daniel Riccardo's Helmet Design Is Definitely Luffy From One Piece

Illustration for article titled Daniel Riccardos Helmet Design Is Definitely Luffy From emOne Piece/em

"I'll be King of the Pirates! Or win a double-points Formula One Grand Prix!" Something like that. I knew I recognized that huge toothy grin on Daniel Riccardo's helmet for Abu Dhabi somewhere.

Monkey D. Luffy is the character at 1:00-in, for those of you who weren't glued to Toonami as a kid.


It's actually supposed to be an illustration of Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo, but has anyone ever proved that he's not a straw hat pirate? The smile is a dead-on match between both guys, you know.

If there's one thing Red Bull Racing does well, it's helmet design. This huge Cheshire Cat grin sticking up from the car in a few weeks is going to be hiiiiiiilarious.


(Photo credit: Daniel Ricciardo on Twitter)

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Kind of reminds me of this helmet from Valentino Rossi: