Danica Patrick Wishes She Was The Honey Badger

Perhaps failing to fully grasp the genius of the Honey Badger, stupid poor person Danica Patrick says she wants to be one. "The honey badger, he doesn't give a cr*p, he takes what he wants," she said in an interview.

Danica made the statement in an interview with Fox Sports, the most Honey Badger-friendly sports news network (Buy Gold). "It was very, very funny," continued Danica. "That's how I'm going to be this year, like a honey badger."


The famously female driver has been criticized in the past for giving too much of a cr*p, complaining about other drivers' behavior on-track rather than, you know, winning races.

This is a big season for the racer, she'll be concentrating her efforts on Stupid Poor Person racing full time, rather than dividing her efforts between that and the suspiciously Euro IndyCar series and its tight jeans.

There was some other stuff about pushing and turning left, but we haven't had enough Vagisil in our coffee this morning to care.


You can credit "cr*p" to the lovely censors at Fox.

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