It's no secret that us Jalopniks heart Dan Neil. Obviously, he's a fantastic writer, a sharp dresser and takes down big prizes. Plus, like, you can't front on "spumy flinders," now can you? But, there's something else you may not know about Dan. He's a bolt counter. Yup, we've seen him in action. While everyone else is standing around listening to marketing nonsense spewed by desperate PR types, Danny boy is on his back underneath the car in question going, "Reverse L-shaped suspension beams, interesting." Which is why he is the only man capable of looking at the Hawaiian Tropic bikini babes not quite draping themselves all over Peugeot's 24-hour entry and accurately deduce that the #7 car is only good for 17-hours. No other auto-journo has them sorta skills. Us? We would have missed the car completely. Spumy flinders, indeed. (Hat tip to rpm968)

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