Dallas Mercedes Driver Parks In Wet Concrete

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Houstonians view people from Dallas, Texas as rich, class-obsessed morons. This photo of a Dallas citizen who decided to ignore the bright orange warning cones and park in freshly-poured concrete only confirms this theory.


According to Alison Bristol, who captured the incident in this photograph, the Mercedes driver somehow missed the ongoing construction:

"Apparently, the driver didn't realize the construction crew just finished pouring cement on the road," Bristol said, adding that the car drove into a work area clearly marked by signs and cones. The driver had to be helped out of the car because the vehicle was completely surrounded by wet pavement.

Impressively, the Benz-owner never once got off their cell phone for the entire ordeal. Thanks for the tip maureyrd!

Photo Credit: Alison Bristol via KHOU


From my experience, it's people who drive the entry-level luxury cars (C-Class, 3-Series, A4, etc.) who drive like the biggest tools. Maybe it's a "new-money" inferiority thing.

I don't mean to make a blanket statement, of course. I'm sure many 3-Series drivers are perfectly nice.