For someone who based his joining of Twitter on winning the Daytona 500, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. sure knows how to use it. In April, Earnhardt led a revolution with a repulsive sandwich. Saturday morning, he told us all of a strange dream that featured Lil Wayne and canceling a race to get some beer.

For context on the above tweet, Steve O’Donnell is NASCAR’s Executive Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer, Amy Reimann is Earnhardt’s fiancé, Marcus Smith is an executive at both track-owning company Speedway Motorsports, Inc. and Charlotte Motor Speedway, where the All-Star Race takes place. The NASCAR All-Star Race is known for changing formats year to year, usually to no avail. If you need context on Lil Wayne, that’s bad.

Here’s how O’Donnell replied, which seems pretty accurate:

Earnhardt is one of those social-media gems, since his profile isn’t strapped down by sponsor or PR messages. Instead, he fills us in on things like banana-mayo sandwiches—which led loads of people, including us, to try to stomach it—and weird dreams like the one above.


The All-Star Race is May 21. With the persuasion power Earnhardt’s Twitter has, perhaps we could see Lil Wayne Pop Bottles in the bar with a bunch of NASCAR folks.