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A major auto-industry shakeup involving DaimlerChrysler and a Kazakhstan-based production company could be at hand, according to recent news reports. The two companies are reportedly investigating a possible joint venture that may result in a groundbreaking outsourcing deal. With neither side revealing details, we've tapped a Kazakhi investigative stringer to look into the implications of such a tieup. Borat?

Jagshemash, men, goats and women — it is I, Kazakhi reporter, Borat — here to give great news of economy gift of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan. Our cunt-ry is granting great honor to your company coming from the sexy time between two companies from other nationals. In fact, is so...


...important, our great, glorious leader, Prime Minister Danial Akhmetov, talked of it with officials of DaimlerChrysler in our capital, Astana. Prime Minister Akhmetov is not being to make any more details yet about what car what will be made — hope better than my wifes is pulling — but agreed yes, is true, we now have the Uzbeki jew krutzoulis by the khram now in beating them for great honor. Is Nice, yes? High five!

DaimlerChrysler considers Kazakh joint venture (sub. req.) [Automotive News]

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