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We love facebook, and to be honest, we're on it way too much β€” especially for "kids" that are "our age." But ever since the site went from a college-exclusive site to professional inclusion, we feel less like dirty old men leering at the girls in the new freshmen class, despite using it for just that purpose. Now we can just say we're doing "professional networking" while we oggle the co-eds from Michigan State. So, when we received an e-mail this morning letting us know that the CEO of the German-American hybrid wants to be our friend, we were a bit taken aback. Yes, we realize it's probably not really Dr. Z., but, well, you never can tell β€” and who are we to turn down a networking opportunity, right? Who knows, he may even have a hot daughter or two. But, as in all things β€” we're not going to let the main man from Stuttgart with a mustache into our inner-Facebook sanctum without running it by you guys and gals first β€” hell, we'll even let you decide for us.

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