We fancy ourselves the world's eminent authority on all-things ridiculous car-truck, and this Daimler DS420 Limousine converted to a Daimlerchero ranks right up there with the six-wheeled Porsche 928amino as one of the most brilliantly executed examples of Camino-ization ever.

Details are few, but reader and tipster Terry spotted the car at December's Caffeine and Octane in Atlanta. Needless to say, the car's bed install is completely custom and features a closing tailgate which maintains the car's bustle back trunk-line and does a nice job of abbreviating the cabin at the same time. Of all the obnoxiously stately little-known British cars, the Daimler DS420 is right up there among out favorites, so combining it with our other passion of caminoization, this car's a home run. Our only gripe is the use of Jaguar XJR wheels. They seem a little out of place and we suspect the fancy wire wheels would look a bit more at home. Nonetheless, we're in love.