Daihatsu Creates 3D Holographic Dashboard, Apparently

Daihatsu has been working with a supplier to create a 3D holographic display for the dashboard of its futuristic cars. The idea is to have a 2D setup similar to a traditional dashboard that can then project a 3D image into space to create driver awareness of impending safety issues. While it sounds as if using this tech could actually be more dangerous than whatever issue it's alerting the driver to, Daihatsu plans on incorporating the display into its advanced safety system for market in cars as soon as 2012. We'd like to show you this in action but it's impossible to capture with a 2D camera, so all we have is this collection of shots of people crowded around it at the Tokyo Auto Show. We can't prove it works, though we assume it does. But we do have perhaps the scariest animated GIF ever, below the jump, as well as a press release.


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Provision Interactive and Daihatsu Team Up to Create Car of the Future With 3-D Warnings

March 26, 2008 - Provision Interactive Technologies, a subsidiary of Provision Holding (OTCBB: PVHO), has partnered with Daihatsu, a Toyota company owned by Toyota of Tokyo, to implement a 3D holographic dashboard in Daihatsu's latest concept car. The car's debut at the 40th Annual Tokyo Motor Show drew an overwhelming response, and was the only vehicle at the show to utilize 3D holographic technology. Reaction was so strong among attendees that Provision has filed for a new patent for this new product line, currently called model # HLXX.

Provision's HLXX, a specially designed version of its HoloVision product, is a combination of both a 2D flat screen and a 3D holographic screen that serves as the car's in-dash display. The traditional 2D flat screen acts as a traditional dashboard, displaying gauges such as the speedometer and tachometer. The 3D holographic screen presents warnings and vehicle information as easy-to-understand 3D images to facilitate driver awareness and recognition. These features will be integrated as part of Daihatsu's OPCS (Omni-directional Pre-Crash Safety Support System) to create the next generation of digital dashboards.

Design plans and rigorous test plans are currently being developed for Provision's HLXX dashboard. Daihatsu plans to make the technology available in vehicles by 2012.

[Source: Provision]

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