Dad Has No Regrets Letting Daughter Crash Car In Insane Vigilante Chase

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A Houston-area doctor was riding home with his daughter at the wheel of their Audi when they witnessed presumed burglars leaving their home in a red Ford F-150. The pair gave chase, leading to a Hollywood-style car fight resulting in two wrecked vehicles and one proud dad.

KHOU11 says that after a few miles of ramming each other back and fourth, the Ford finally came about and slammed the sedan head-on. It ended up in a ditch as a result, and cops showed up minutes later to apprehend two of the three men in the Ford. The third was able to escape on foot and is still at large.

According to USA Today the daughter driving the Audi was treated at a hospital for "severe whiplash" but the pair was able to recover their stolen goods from the trashed truck. Wonder if that stuff's value exceeded the girl's hospital bills and damage to the sedan.

It remains to be seen whether or not the father or his daughter will face charges, but they were definitely on the shady side of moral running down these alleged criminals. It's a little unsettling how fired up the guy is over his delivery of 'hood justice. Doesn't look like he has many fucks to give about how much worse this could have played out for him, his daughter, any of the bystanders they drove passed, or the folks in the F-150 for that matter.