Dacia Sandero Launches In Europe, Offers French Quality At Romanian Cost

For around $12,000 American you could be the proud owner of a Dacia Sandero, the hatchback version of the super cheap Renault Logan. Maybe "proud" isn't the right term, but theoretically you could be an owner. Dacia, Romanian crafter of all things cheap from the Nissan and Renault lineups, is better known around these parts as the folks behind the Dacia Logan Pickup, which is essentially a Cube-amino.


For all that scratch, Europeans can enjoy either the 75 HP gas-powered version or the 90 HP diesel. As these cars were originally designed for emerging markets, the entry-level options are pretty basic (they do come with seat belts). If you want the fancy-schmancy version with metallic paint and 15-inch wheels you could be looking at $17,000 USD. [Source: Renault]

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