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D.C. Restaurant Gives Ford Prestigious Award For Not Sucking

Illustration for article titled D.C. Restaurant Gives Ford Prestigious Award For Not Sucking

The Sequoia restaurant in Washington, DC announced today Ford is the recipient of its "Don't Give up the Ship!" award in a one-page ad purchased in the Washington Post. Why? They didn't suck as bad as GM and Chrysler.


The award states, "As the only American automobile company to avoid bankruptcy and turn down a government bailout, Ford exemplifies the spirit of the award which honors an individual or corporation that exhibits ingenuity, tenacity, grace under pressure and the strength of character to persevere against any and all odds to get the job done." So, basically, for losing sales but not losing all of them, they gave Ford an award.

The slightly dubious honor was presented in the form of a congratulatory full-page, color ad in today's Washington Post, the morning Ford CEO Alan "Boeing!Boeing!" Mulally gives the keynote speech at the Washington Auto Show's (WAS) Public Policy Days and one day before the start of the 2010 Washington Auto Show on Jan. 27th.


If you're wondering where the term came from, it's from the War of 1812, when Captain James Lawrence, commander of the U.S.S. Chesapeake, engaged in a bloody battle just outside Boston Harbor with a British frigate.

Lying mortally wounded, the heroic captain spoke his legendary last words: ‘Don't give up the ship... it's my mom's and she's gonna be really pissed if it gets dented or scratched."

Well, everything except that last part.

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Ash78, voting early and often

Must be one of those lame-ass Fusion restaurants...