Cut the Crap, Hal: Nissan Enters the Radar Range

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Nissan's throwing its electronic hat into the radar-guided ring, with a new driver-assistance function that uses radar to keep cars' distance. By way of a sensor fitted in a car's front bumper, Nissan's Distance Control Assist System calculates the distance from a car directly in front, and determines the cars' relative speeds. If the system decides braking is required to keep the vehicles a safe distance away, an indicator lights on the instrument panel, a buzzer sounds simultaneously and (get this), the gas pedal automatically moves upward to "assist the driver in switching to the brakes." When the driver releases the gas, the system engages the brakes. We're not sure what kinds of compounds they're smoking in the R&D lab to have come up with that kind of workflow, but let's hope it's something that wears off before they actually release it. It very well could be the most annoying driver's aid since the steering wheel spinner knob.

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