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Customized Kuwaiti Grand Marquis: No Women No Cry

Illustration for article titled Customized Kuwaiti Grand Marquis: No Women No Cry

When you're rollin' Grand Marquis style in Kuwait, laughing at the suckas in their effete Benzes, you need to let the world know how you feel about… well, we can't quite figure that out.


There's the mangled Bob Marley song title, which must mean something to a Kuwaiti Grand Marquis pilot, and then there's the anchor on the trunk lid. Why? Is the driver a sailor who has vowed to avoid women, lest he cry? Or is he expanding the late Mr. Marley's statement, which meant "No, woman, don't cry", to include all women? Ah, but to the Grand Marquis owner, all makes sense. Thanks to Yah5 for sending us this photo:

Check this Mercury Grand Marquis. It's in a beautiful orange-red with an exquisite quote on the back of it. The awesome anchor logo is the key to its beauty.

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Jonathan Harper

Maybe just a huge Fugees fan? Who happens to be an avid sailor?