We caught one of the personalized 2012 Ford Focus STs without it's diaper a couple hours before its scheduled unveiling. This baby crap brown-on-banana yellow better be quick, because I wouldn't want to be seen it.


They've taken this particular brown Focus ST beyond your babysitters model with a more aggressive soundtrack thanks to special a special intake and exhaust setup mated to a new high-output version of Fords familiar 2.0-liter fourbanger. The best news? Six-speed manual transmission is the standard transmission.

Additionally, it boasts stronger body structure, enhanced front and rear suspension and a new variable-ratio electric power-assisted steering (EPAS), all complimented by a buff body design with 19" alloys.

Inside the ready-to-rock theme continues to let you know this is a serious contender, showing leather Recaro seats, a performance gauge pack as well as what Ford describes "metal racing inspired" pedals… think I helped a friend install these on a 129-hp Civic Si back in the '90's; we all know that thing was legit!