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Garmin has struck a deal with BMW to begin producing customized Garmin units for the 1- and 3-series vehicles. The Nuvi 360 will be the model of choice for BMW owners and will come with the usual array of features, including Bluetooth, MP3 player, street pronunciation and more. Unfortunately, the BMW-ified 360 isn't all that exciting.


Besides a "special" location database based on BMW dealers, it includes the BMW logo and a mounting bracket designed specifically for 1- and 3-series. This is nice because it eliminates any kind of windshield suction cup action normally required for aftermarket GPS receivers. This should apeal to owners who have a BMW that lacks factory-GPS. The regular Garmin 360 sells to the average Joe for $360—no idea how much the BMW mark-up will be for this unit. [Navigadget]

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