Crosley dealership sign scooter is one clever creation

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If you came across an old Crosely dealership sign made from the outer four inches of either side of a 1949 Crosley convertible, welded together and shortened, what would you do with it? Most people would probably hang it in their garage, but Crosley collector Paul Gorrell had a slightly more interesting idea. Using a combination of craftsmanship and ingenuity, Gorrell turned this interesting Crosley dealership sign into a fully functional scooter.

After Paul Gorrell came up with the idea to turn the sign into the scooter, he was faced with the daunting task of figuring out how to turn a stationary object into a moving vehicle. Using whatever parts would fit in the sign, he created a drivetrain centered around an engine built from a single cylinder cut from the middle of a Crosley engine. After adding some coil springs and shock absorbers and creating space for the Crosley wheels the sign was ready to cruise.


If you want an impressive example of what can happen when ingenuity, talent and creativity mix with a weird idea you need look no further than this unique scooter. The builder says he averages 50 cruising miles on the scooter whenever he takes it to shows. We aren't even slightly surprised to hear that this one of a kind scooter draws quite a crowd wherever it goes.

Photo Credit: Crosley Automobile Club