Criminal Mastermind Ronald Reagan Demands '59 Ford Hoonage!

The Killers was Ronald Reagan's last film, made just a few years before he became governor of California. In it, the Great Communicator plays a crime boss setting up an armored-car-heist caper, and John Cassavetes- one of the greatest directors in cinema history, in my opinion- plays a down-and-out race driver hired as getaway-car wheelman. It's a car-freak-stravaganza of a movie, with Lee Marvin as an Impala-driving hitman, race sequences packed with Cobras, and- best of all- a '59 Ford chasing a '58 Olds in some dirt-road madness. Murilee says check it out!



This is the only movie in Reagan's career where the Gipper plays a heavy, if you exclude when he turned his fellow SAG members as communists to HUAC, or his stint as Governor of California, or his presidency?

Oh wait, those weren't movies.