Crazy Euro Car Boy Meets DeLorean for First Time

Despite being as European as an American car can get, our Euro car boy has never seen a DeLorean before. His first impressions follow.


A small gathering of DeLoreans off to the side of Woodward Avenue allowed me to have my first-ever close-up glances of a DeLorean DMC-12. Several of them, in fact. A very European touch here at the Dream Cruise, with the French engine, British engineering and Italian design.

Even up close—and looking at cars with their time travel devices removed—it’s hard to consider the DeLorean as an actual production automobile insted of a movie prop or an expensive piece of professional kitchen equipment. Perhaps it’s all the stainless steel and the very 80s taillight cluster.

I asked the amiable gentleman pictured on top in the shirt advertising the glories of Kazakhstan what it was like to own one. He pointed out that it’s definitely not an everyday car, with a lackluster engine, too much weight, lousy handling, and so on. But then it doesn’t have to do or possess any of that: all it needs is the ability to rip tears in the space-time continuum.


Which, judging by the license plate, his example is more than able to do.

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