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New Porsche mod house, J.N. Hephaiss, aimed high with their first tuner. The company sent Porsche's new GT3 (996) into the lab, and came up with an extreme version that has more tail than Moby Dick. An adjustable exhaust allows the driver to hush the flat six in public, while letting it roar on track day. Its front bumper assembly has a lowered lip section that improves downforce, damping the standard GT3's forward lightness under hard acceleration, and wider intakes that offer greater airflow. Of course, the white elephant in the room is that rear wing, which comes in FRP or carbon fiber, and has a main flap and sub flap that can be adjusted for specific circuits. They didn't mess with the mechanicals, but they say the exterior details make for a car that's sharper on the road, and exceeds the stock GT3 in aerodynamics and cooling. Now, about that tail... [Gallery]

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