Crazed Garage Door Takes Out Pent Up Frustration On Poor Toyota

The Toyota Yaris. It's as inoffensive as Ryan Seacrest. As boring as plain ice milk. So why did this garage door decide that it had to unleash all of its hatred on this little car?

This demonic garage door had just let a motorcycle through when the timid Toyota pulls up. In the ultimate garage tease, the door then opens up to let the kind little Yaris through.


But then, like a guillotine denying Mary Antoinette the taste of delicious cake, it comes down, attempting to remove the front of the car from the rest of it. But why? What did this Toyota do to you? Is it because it's a Toyota and inherently not exciting? Was it to boring to be inside of you, garage?

It's a mystery that we'll probably never know the answer to.

Hat tip to @IanM_CarMag!

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