Crash Tests Show How The Tesla Model X Got A 5-Star Safety Rating

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After conducting independent testing, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Tesla Model X five stars in its three crash test categories: frontal crash, side crash and rollover. And these crash test videos show just how well it can hold up.

The agency simulated head-on collisions of vehicles moving at 35 mph. It also considered how much the crash test dummy’s head, neck, chest, pelvis, legs and feet were impacted. The side crash test simulated collisions into stationary things like poles or trees. And the Model X was unlikely to rollover during the rollover test.

This, as Tesla tells us in a press release, makes the Model X the “first SUV ever to earn the 5-star rating across the board.”


See for yourself:

Tesla says that the Model X has a low probability of rollover because of its low center of gravity: unlike regular SUVs, the Model X’s battery pack is mounted under the car’s floor.