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Oh jeez. Now and then in our travels on the highways and byways of the internets, we run across something so poor masquerading as advice, we have to share it with you. We also have to mention the guy parked five feet from us in the leather pants and vest, aviator glasses, slightly-graying beard and cowboy hat sitting on the back step of his early '70s-vintage El Dorado camper listening to 38 Special's "Hold on Loosely" as he sips his coffee. Sorry. That digression was just too awesome not to share.

Anyway, this piece, by a "Dan Wilson" and courtesy of an outfit called "Best Syndication," mentions that Ford and others are working on a new hybrid SUV for 1996, and suggests that if you have a "large family" you look into the Escape Hybrid. We're sure the Mormons and Catholics are all bum-rushing Salt Lake and Boston area Ford dealerships as we write this. Eight kids in an Escape? No probalo! Thanks, Dan Wilson!

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