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Crappy Brit Sports-Car Aggrandizement: Hecklerspray on the TVR Tasmin

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Our favorite thing about TVR: Jeremy Clarkson saying, "TVR Spetsnaz!" when musing on new names for the cars now that the company was under Russian ownership. And that's just because we always thought "Spetsnaz" was an especially badass word. We call part our special forces SEALs, fergodssake. They may be goat-humping badasses, but their name? Kinda fey. Not particularly manly. We were also once at a party with a SEAL who we were literally afraid was going to rape a friend of ours and break our neck. Even his own sister didn't like him. We could've used some Spetsnaz back then. Regardless, TVRs, although we've never driven one, strike us as not-especially-good cars. Some Spetsnaz could only help. Laverty seems to half-heartedly concur. And that, we suspect, is only because he's English.

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