Some folks are satisfied with making a Honda Civicamino to haul motorcycles and leaving it at that, but others look at a fuel-sipping Honda and see a house! Here's a CRX with a nice hardwood camper shell (complete with with porthole-style windows) built in, which San Francisco-based reader Rob photographed for us. We're guessing the fuel economy took a hit, but it probably still manages to get 30+ MPG. Make the jump to see another photo and read Rob's description.


This was found in the Western Addtion, on Lyon I think it was. Looked like they used old bowling lane or basketball court wood flooring for the majority of the constuction. It was covered in a layer of thin fiberglass in an effort to water proof it....??? I took 2 fotos at different times of day. I particularly liked the little wagon doors in the rear with small round windows!