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A German court has released a 37-year-old man from his lease contract, after ruling his breakdown-prone Mercedes-Benz S-320 CDI should have been able to support the man's considerable bulk. The man, a hefty, 352-lb. insurance salesman, said, in addition to a broken seat, the car had to be returned to the dealership 12 times for various problems encountered during its first 12,000 miles. Mercedes had at first refused to allow the man to break his lease, claiming the malfunctions were unrelated to his prodigious bulk, but the court went on to find for the massively oversized individual, and against the bloated, unwieldy, quality-challenged carmaker. [Update: Props rightly go to eMercedesBenz, a new Merc blog whose tip we carelessly overlooked.]

Overweight Man Wins Case Against Mercedes [All Headline News via TransportTrends]

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