On Monday night, a couple crashed a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago that was purchased hours earlier. They then ran away, leaving the hugely expensive car abandoned on the road. The strangest part is that they haven't been found yet, and its been three days. What's up?

The details are scarce, but what we know is that the 2008 Murci was bought on Monday in Orange County, aka "The OC," California. Late that night, the car was crashed on La Jolla Village Drive, and a couple was spotted running away. It's now three days later, and the couple are STILL at large.


Something doesn't really add up here. I know if I had crashed my $250,000 Lambo that I'd owned for a matter of hours, I'd be most interested in getting it back lickety split. The longer these people stay in the dark, the more questions that will come up about why they're staying hidden.

Surely the dealer took down their names and phone numbers (I believe that's part of the purchase process), why aren't they picking up the phone? Were drugs or alcohol involved? Was there identity theft of some kind to buy the car at play? Or are they so rich that they just dump cars when something like this happens? We really have no idea. It could be none of those or a combination of all three.

As of right now, the couple are only facing misdemeanor charges.

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