Couple Celebrates Anniversary With Dinner On An Airplane Wing

In 2009, comedian Mark Malkoff set a Guinness World Record while living on board an AirTran Boeing 717 for an entire month. But his wedding anniversary happened to fall during that time, so the airline helped Mark his wife celebrate in an epic way — by setting up a romantic dinner for them on the wing of a plane.


Mark catches a nap in the overhead bin.

You may remember hearing about Mark Malkoff's month-long residence on a plane, back in 2009. This wasn't luxurious travel by any means. He was living on an AirTran 717, a narrow-bodied plane with 2-by-3 seating. He also flew wherever it happened to fly that day, racking up 135 flights, and 109,000 miles. Mark also washed his hair in the airplane lavatory, and bathed himself with baby wipes. His wife, Christine was able to fly with him on weekends so they could spend some time together.

In the video, the dinner looks delicious and they even had champagne with it. Mark shared that one of the servers nearly fell off the wing during the meal, which took place at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.


AirTran put a special logo on the 717 on which Mark lived.

Mark has also done a couple of other endurance campaigns, including living in a New Jersey IKEA for a week, and visited all 171 Manhattan Starbucks within 24 hours while ordering and consuming a drink from each location.


Would you even consider living on a commercial plane, in coach for a month? As an aviation geek, flying around for 30 straight days sounds like a lot of fun to me, though if I could pick a commercial plane on which to do it, it would be something bigger like a 777 or 787. I've never slept well on planes, so doing all of my sleeping on the plane doesn't sound like as much fun. Now if we're talking about Etihad's Residence Class, that's an opportunity I'd be on board with.

Photos via Mark Malkoff's Flickr page

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