Counterpoint: 'Ferrari 812 Superfast' Is Actually A Good Name

Good morning. It has come to my attention that Ferrari has released a new car called the 812 Superfast. It has also come to my attention that one of our staffers is skeptical of the name, calling it “silly.” This is incorrect.


Actually, you see, the name Superfast is good. Not bad.

Here is the text in question from today:

The silly Superfast name is from Ferrari’s history, starting with the 1956 410 Superfast that evolved from the Superamerica name introduced in 1955. I just don’t think Superfast has aged very well, but maybe this means Ferrari will surprise us with a new Superamerica in a couple of years? But shouldn’t it have started with that? Oh well.

Incorrect. Ferrari is generally always drawing on or modifying its names from the past, but in this case—Superfast—they picked something that rules really fucking hard. Superfast, I contend, is a good name, not a bad name.

Can you come up with a better name for this car? I doubt it. There isn’t one.

Glad we could clear that up.

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