Counterfeit Mini Ads Round Up

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We've been lax in providing up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest viral auto ad frenzy, that of the "Counterfit Minis." It's definitely one of the best ad-non-ad campaigns we've seen, combining theater of the absurd, a solid brand message of nonconformism and a mix of American and weird foreign jobs of the 1970s in a supporting role. Mini ad agency of record, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, creator of the ad-cum-spoofs Subservient Chicken, Dr. Angus, Virgin Atlantic Porn, created the recent "Counterfeit Mini" campaign for MiniUSA. The ads and web site revolve around a faux public service announcement warning consumers not to be duped by "counterfeit Minis," created from a bunch of oddball beaters painted with Union Jack roofs and bonnet stripes. Check out this roundup of links for more tomfoolery. [Thanks to Matt for the tip.]


Counter Counterfeit Commission [ via GbMini]

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More ads/promotions [internal]


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