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Despite the ongoing shenanigans between Ford and TATA over the sale of Jaguar and Land Rover, there are whispers emerging about the possible revival of the venerable Jaguar E-Type. Australia's Courier Mail is reporting Jag honchos are considering the revival of what many consider the most beautiful production car to have ever been built. This news has us torn. While we absolutely love the E-Type, so much so that it holds a position in the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage, we think on Jags history of reviving legendary marques and wonder if this is this a good idea.


There's something magical about old Jaguars, E-Types especially, which are capable of making you completely lose your ability to process rational thought. They are beautiful without compromise, with exotic and sometimes maddening engineering. You just can't help but stare at an E-Type. With the revival of the S-type and all but tragedy of platform prostitution, and the original lackluster design of the E-Type mimicking XK8, can the designers pen really be trusted to reinterpret the old XKE? It is a tantalizing prospect, but if it comes to pass, the suspense will probably kill us.


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