Could BMW Really Make A 6-Series Shooting Brake Wagon?

Like many of you, when I think of the BMW 6-Series, I think of this. But I've had to get over that as BMW's big coupe has expanded into the four-door real with the 6-Series Gran Coupe. Is adding a curvy wagon end the natural evolution of the model?


That's what French automobile magazine L'Automobile Magazine (a fitting name, for sure) claims in a new report. They say that in 2016 or 2017, BMW could give birth to the 6-Series Gran Tourer, which would be a shooting brake wagon version of the coupe and four-door coupe.

Such a model would compete with the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, which is a stunning wagon they don't bother to sell in America. Since we don't even get the 5-Series wagon over here, I think it's safe to assume this car could meet the same fate, if BMW even builds it.


No official confirmation on this from BMW yet, of course, but if they do build it let's hope it's more Mercedes CLS than 5-Series Gran Turismo, because one of those things looks awesome and the other one is hideous.

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