We thoroughly enjoyed Joshua Davis' thrilling tale of the salvage operation of the Cougar Ace — a subject we've covered on these pages more than once. Finally, we've now got the answer to the question of what you do with a boat-wrecked shipment of Mazdas. You take the 4,700 formerly brand-new automobiles and send 'em to the crusher. Although we knew this already, we still think they could have at least sent them out to hoons like us as, after all, it's not like we're the types to really give a damn about a warranty. Or they could have started the "Shipwrecked Mazda Cup." They could've done something epic, but no, they shredded up all those poor little zoom-zoom'ers for scrap. Damn you, Mazda! Damn you and your silly liability insurance concerns and your million-man attorney army. [WSJ via CarDomain]