COTD: Your neverending high school reunion edition

One of the ways Mark Zuckerberg has changed all our lives? Wiping away the mystery that used to surround the high-school reunion. There's never been a more reliable pop culture trope than plopping a character into a 20-year reunion; the suspense, the revenge, the excitement — all for something that for most people failed to deliver any surprises. And now, thanks to the book of faces, we can satisfy any such curiosity whenever we wish, which means you have to come prepared with better material than "What are you doing now?" and "You look great!" (even when the "you" in question appears to have consumed several copies of the previous edition and had all their hair fall into their ears.) Material like the comment SnapOversteer deployed on the new Kia Rio:

In the space of a month last year, I wrecked 2 of our cars. The brain tumor scan came back negative; so it must have just been my shitty driving. But as proof that every cloud has a silver lining, the second accident resulted in the complete destruction of a Kia Rio Cinco. The lady never even thanked me, though. Ungrateful bitch.


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