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So you think restoring a classic car is just about the metal, plastics and fabrics, or finding the right old part? Get with the program, noob, with the help of this Good Samaritan who's selling reclaimed air from the tires of a 1967 Corvette for only $1,000. The pitch:

This was a real barn find, was actually in an L-88 tire tub , this is the only way to get all the points the judges are smelling for! Nothing like real 67 smell! Very rare find, you have probably been looking for a long time, do NOT snooze and lose! This is the real deal!

This will actually fit any Car, but its really appropriate only for 67. as its the correct aroma. This would be factory installed for any 1967 original application, be sure its what you need , most experienced, expert judges will quickly tell you you have the wrong air in your tires and you will never get the top award you are looking for if its the wrong vintage. I have also heard some judges can tell the difference between GM or Ford air, so be careful here. These guys are sharp, highly trained, experienced, and know all.


Sadly, no collectors have bit on this unique proposition. Speaking of old air, many thought I was puffed full of it with our Veyron car wash post, none in better shape than Cloud81918:


I say this not because of the cheap look of this move, but be cause this site is getting a little too snobbish. It is a car. It gets driven and exposed to road grime and stone chips. I'd rather see them getting hosed off in a coin operated car wash than see a lifetime in a temperature controlled garage. Its job in life is to be used. The owner is doing that and blasting it clean. More power to him.

I'm paraphrasing here, but Rowan Atkinson said that the most amazing thing about a supercar is using it to do an everyday task. He takes his McLaren F1 the to shops. Personally, I think that is the true difference between someone that love cars and knows why they love cars and a douche with a big pocket book.

There are plenty of Bugattis. Most of them will be kept in freeze-dried state and will be around to be seen at car shows. But some need to be used, seen and shared in public. They need to be driven in all weather and used for impromptu stoplight drag races. What made today's collectable muscle-cars of yesteryear legends was not a lifetime of museum level care, it was being run one weekend after the next down main street.

Let these cars run wild without all of the criticism. Let them sit in the parking lot as it owner watches a movie. Let them inspire some car stereo installer as he turns screws that were last touched in the factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese. They have an effect on the people that see them and get to touch them; Let them do their job. Some see these cars as something to covet and hide from others. Some dirty little splurge of selfishness or ego stroking jewel. No, No No!!!

These are object to inspire others. To hook others into the obsession. They are born to raise a middle finger at the boringness of the Toyota Corolla and every other made to a formula car out there. They need to haunt the dreams of young car guys not yet in possession of a license. They need to shake up the middle aged man and change the thinking that he has to drive something boring. But they can't perform there job being rolled from car show to car show. They can't make a populous hungry for more if the cars don't seem approachable and existing in the real world.

Ok so the Bugatti is out of reach of most. But seeing one used in the real world could be the tipping point that makes someone buy an NSX instead of a Camry for their daily. It could get a highschool student into an MR2, RX-7 or Starion instead of a Pontiac Grand Prix. A ride in a friendly owners Ferrari 360 triggered my search for my Lotus Esprit Turbo; My childhood dream car. I can't afford a Bugatti, but even I can own something special. I'm free to use it and share it whenever I want.

We need to stop stroking exotic car aura and acting like they are untouchables. While their parts are expensive, they are more of a waste sitting idle than being used up. We need enjoy the cars and supporting those who actually use them. That is Hoon.

Coin operated Bugatti washer, I toast to you. Taking care of your car and sharing it with the world are the 2 jobs you took when you signed on that dotted line. I won't stand in judgement against you for this action. Keep inspiring others brother. We'll never win the war against the boring cars, but that doesn't mean we give up the fight.


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