Tomorrow is the first day of spring. For a lot of us that's mostly going to register as something less than a huge shift, given the ridiculously mild winter we've had, but it's still important to recognize these checkpoints as they go by.

And spring is always a good one to note. It's a happy season: more sunlight, more time outside, more chances to get on the motorcycle or put the top down and enjoy life more than, say, last month. (Yes, mild winter, but not that mild.) The trees are budding. The air feels good. Get out there.

Yes, go. Step out of your room, as Rilke would say. Breathe, see, feel, appreciate. Life is more than the Internet. Do you ever think about how long you're on here? youcatwantsin apparently has, as he ponders the statistical reach of a blonde who apparently can't handle statistics (or simple TSD math, either):

Here are some calculations for ya:

The video is 4 minutes, 35 seconds long.

It has been watched (as of 3:21pm EST) 498,118 times.

I'd guess Mr. Hardigree spend 15 minutes writing this post.

There are 259 comments so far in this thread (replies included).

Estimating 90 seconds to read previous comments and prepare each new one, that comes out to another 388.5 minutes wasted.

This took me 8 minutes to write.

Total time humanity has wasted on this stupid video: ~38,057.54 hours. Way to go, Internet.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock