One of the great successes of the Web is the unstoppable propagation of ludicrous conspiracy theories. Used to be that in-jokes like the Church of the SubGenius and the tales cooked up by bored John Birch Society types and the TimeCube had to pass by word of mouth, but now every twelve-year-old knows about all the ways in which that was NOT Osama bin Laden that got killed.

Don't dispute me, you know it's true. Here, I saw this on YouTube. And watch out for those radio waves.


The trick to a good conspiracy theory is to have it be implausible but impossible to disprove. What, have you been to the moon and seen the Apollo lander bases? Are you sure they don't have prayers to Cthulu during Federal Reserve meetings? What Vatican blood debt would make Ferrari forsake its long-honed ultimate performance image to build a fat-assed boulevardier?

So while Ferrari's California may play mostly to theorists, it also attracts the occasional numerologist — like Klic — as well:

Curious what the link is between a Ferrari California and an Olsen twin? Here ya go.

The Ferrari California is 1,902 mm wide, 1902 is the year that Kid Curry (Of Cassidy's Wild Bunch) got arrested, Ted Cassidy played Logan in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, The Sundance Kid from said movie was played by Robert Redford, Robert Redford also starred in The Great Gatsby, The Great Gatsby was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald died on December 21st, 1940, Frank Zappa was born on December 21st, 1940, Zappa recieved his first Grammy in 1987 for 'Best Rock instrumental performance, 1987 was the beginning of Full House, Full house is where the Olsen's got their big break.

And that Ladies and Gentleman, is the correlation between the Ferrari California and the Olsen twins.

By the way Matt, make it a more obvious pop-culture link next time, will you?

Photo Credit: Brian, if that's his REAL name

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