COTD: The V-16 rat rod edition

Yannick Sire of Sire Custom Performance in Los Angeles builds hotrods from scratch that edge out of the traditional custom into something closer to art, or in this case, twin V8-powered death rod — one that blends 1,000 hp, two Karmann Ghia roofs and some simple exhaust work into what Sire calls an adult toy. Boost in, apex seals out shared a similar level of craftsmanship in a comment on the flipped-out Porsche's parking job:

Best call Insurance call ever.

Insurance Agent: "Can you describe the crash scene?"

Driver: "I'm parallel parked."

Agent: "Did you collide with another vehicle while parking?"

Driver: "No, I crashed while driving. I think."

Agent: "Look, that's not how it works. You drive, and when you're done driving you park. So you either had an accident DRIVING or an accident PARKING. Which one is it?"

Driver: "Both, I guess. Man, my Porsche is totaled!"

Agent: "Oh, I see. *klickity klack of keyboard* Sir, due to policy restrictions on your type of vehicle,I am required to ask you the following question before we can proceed any further. Did you lift?"

Driver: "Umm... Yes?"

Agent: "Sir, I'm sorry, but this accident is not covered under your policy. Have a safe evening."


Roberto G. - © GTFAC

Please, could someone explain the meaning of the "Did you lift?" sentence? It's a serious question, because I like to understand everything I read. Is it related to the hybrid Porsche and its flywheel? Thank you in advance.