COTD: The sex lives of slugs edition

True fans know information doesn't become knowledge until it arrives in the voice of Sir David Attenborough, a man who could make one think they were receiving a doctoral degree by reading the specials at Bob Evans. Whether it's the balletic mating of the leopard slug or Jackie's approximation of how engineers court one another, Sir David's voice gives the proceedings an unsurpassed air of propriety:

(Attenborough hat on.)

Our crew has been lucky enough to follow and observe, this most fascinating gathering of a herd of wild Engineers. This subspecies, McLarenus Carbonfibericus, is currently celebrating an achievement of one of their pack members. Note the, relative dearth of females in this group, as is common to most members of the Engineering species. As the females tend to be relentlessly hunted down by the younger males, most seek protection with one of the larger, more dominant males. In this case, the heavier male in the lower right corner of the group, is marking his territory with a customary display of the prominent hairless region on his pate. His stance is upright and confident, secure in the knowledge that, despite the temptations of brightly colored offerings by the younger males, his unusually enlarged gonads will ensure his continued retention, of the best mating females.

A few adventurous females have chosen to wander off outside of the main group, but sadly, their curiosity will prove to be their downfall, as they will be mercilessly harassed with offers of cake, until they succumb to an eager suitor.


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Congratulations, Mr. Jackie, on your interesting COTD! I would like to gift you with this Audi R8, which will be brought to you by this lovely lady in a few days. Right now she's doing a study of slugs in the undergrowth of the hills and is definitely keeping abreast of their activity.

Good job, Jackie! I think you'll enjoy this much more than Patrick Dempsey. ;)