If you truly care about American music, this will be happy news: The epic archives of musical folklorist Alan Lomax, including around 5000 hours of recordings, will be put online — making them universally accessible, like Lomax always wanted them to be.


It's not a stretch to say that popular music as we know it would not exist without Lomax's endless curiosity and drive. He sought out and preserved and popularized traditional American folk and blues, the core of everything from jazz to country to rock to hip-hop. Those simple field-song rhythms and lyrics about reality at one's worn-down fingertips are primal humanity. They tell of work, love, pain, sin, God, death...life. And they also tell of cars.

Hell, why not? What's more real-life than someone's wheels? And as life goes on, so must the stories and songs. And so McMike sings of modified Mustangs when considering high performance at low cost for the working man:

I will order parts delivered in a box, I will install them on my Fox.
Timing advanced to cut out on knocks, launch so hard will knock off socks.
e-brake is broke must rest on some chocks, leaves me more money to spend on my fox

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