COTD: The jazz of Karma edition

If you haven't heard Pharaoh Sanders' 33-minute free jazz masterpiece "The Creator Has A Master Plan," by all means kick back and enjoy part 1 above, then go find the rest. It's from his 1969 album "Karma," and it's one of the great overlooked gems of modern jazz. But it's karma of a different kind that Brian, The Life Of suggested could befall the Saudi rulers who keep women from driving:

Dear King Abdullah,

We have a saying in the US, in fact MOST of the world's cultures have a similar saying. It goes something like this: "If momma's not happy, ain't nobody happy." This is one of those universal truths that the rational male of the human species figured out generations ago.

Now look around you. I know you've been paying attention, right? Those people that have been massing in various downtown areas in your region? Yeah, they're not there for the farmers markets. They're pissed and they don't seem to be gong away no matter what your counterparts do.

Now look out your window. Go ahead, you're safe behind the bulletproof glass (for now). See all those lamp posts out there in Riyadh? If you don't want your (and all of your extended family's) lifeless body swinging from them anytime soon, you might want to think really hard about lightening the fuck up on your women (among other things).

Can't hurt, right?

Allah bless,

PS: Fuck the mullahs. We figured out that whole separation of mosque and state thing a long freaking time ago.

PPS: We still love your oil so keep it coming!


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TheAntiCat: i can haz beer?

King Abdullah has 99 problems and a bitch is every single one!

Brilliant COTD Mr. Life of.