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Among the press releases emerging from Ford's technology conference today was this: "Ford to Bold Fonts Inside Vehicles to Help Drivers." If you want to read several hundred words on the proper use of typography inside vehicles aimed at an aging population, you can do so here. Or you can read v8CorvairPickup'sguesses about what else Ford might have accomplished if it turned its attention to preserving the Ford Ranger:

They would have upped sales by following the Mustang formula. Many Ranger special editions.
Introducing the 2011 Ford:

"Walker Texas Ranger" edition. It'll fight crime and kick your butt!

A sadistic De-Ranger edition with black leather seats and metal studs.

A Yogi Bear themed "Ranger Smith" edition with room for a Pic a nic basket.

A single seat "Lone Ranger" edition. Of course the only color would be "Hi Ho Silver."

A Dungeons & Dragons themed, forest protecting Ranger edition. It would run on magic

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