Reading this detailed exegesis on every T-shirt used in "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" β€” including its origin and where to acquire similar versions β€” leaves me with the same feeling I got watching Mike Rowe clean out the San Francisco sewer by hand: I'm glad someone's doing this, but I'm even more glad this is not my job. "Pilgrim" was a good movie, not great, and the degree of scrutiny needed for such detail-digging would get tiresome quickly. Happily, there are other entertainments that reward close inspection, as CRXPilot illustrated when challenged to imagine Jeremy Clarkson selling his Gallardo as a Top Gear segment.

Right! Well, then. The producers all got together to come up with a new set of challenges for this week's episode. After literally gallons of Guinness and enough cigar smoke to worry the Ministry of Smog, here is what they devised...

They gave each of us a check for 146,000 quid and told us to find the car that most closely matched our personalities.

Hammond bought an immaculate Shelby Cobra kit car. Basically riveted beer cans and an ungodly vee-eight with knock-on aluminium wheels.

May bought an aluminium ingot weighing 600 pounds. He keeps mumbling, "just imagine the possibilities" while studying the metal's grain with a jeweler's loop.

And me? Well, I bought this...... (obscure electronic music, seizure-inducing flashes, and a '07 Gallardo in Earl Grey Pearl)